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Anonymous Feedback Form

Thank you for recently attending a session with us here at GroupFit! We genuinely appreciate you trusting us with your most valuable asset - your time!

Our mission is to provide you with the best fitness experience and community imaginable. To ensure the experience continues to evolve, we want to actively seek out honest and occasionally tough to swallow feedback, so we can learn and grow from it!

Please share your HONEST feedback with us.

Do you have any constructive criticism's/ideas/complaints about your session with us?

How can we level up or make it better?

***** Rules *******

  • Each month we will review all submissions made via paper and via form here, we will select the TOP piece of feedback for the month.

  •  We will give 1x $100 Lululemon gift card to the person who gave us the feedback.- Since it's anonymous, whether you come forward or not to claim your prize is up to you.

  • Include a silly password so we can ensure that the prize goes to the right person

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