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Group Fitness and Team Training

At GroupFit, we believe there's a difference between exercise and training. Exercise means moving your body, but it doesn't always have a specific goal. On the other hand, training could be defined as following an exercise program designed to help you achieve a particular goal, becoming stronger, losing fat or getting faster. That's why we offer both group fitness classes and small team training services to meet varying needs within the fitness community. 

What is Group Fitness?

Our Group Fitness service is high-energy group classes designed to improve cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility. 

Our group fitness classes are not only effective, but they're also a lot of fun. We pride ourselves on creating a social atmosphere where you can connect with others and build

lasting relationships while working towards your fitness goals.

Our group fitness classes are available in two main focuses: Strength and Endurance. Both classes incorporate a variety of exercises utilizing barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, cardio machines, and more to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our expert trainers will guide you through each workout to ensure that you're working out safely and effectively while also pushing you to perform your best.


Join us for a group fitness class today, and experience the benefits of working out with a supportive community that will help you look good, feel good, and perform good!

Available as drop-in and subscription-based memberships.


Our Endurance Program blends continuous moderate-intensity and high-intensity interval training. You'll get your heart pumping with cardio-style workouts and lighter weights at higher repetition met-cons, perfect for building endurance and conditioning. 

If you love a good sweat and a team workout challenge, this program is for you!

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Coached by Mohsen Aghdam

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Coached by Olivia Coakley

Interested in trying group fitness? Contact us for a complimentary session!

What is Team Training?

Our Team Training services are cohort-based program designed to achieve specific fitness goals, with a specific focus on a strength and/or skill development. There is a maximum of eight members per cohort.

Our small team training groups are designed to cater to enhancing a particular skillset.  We offer our members different cohort programs to choose from, including Olympic Weightlifting, Strength training, a women's only strength & nutrition program, and online Fat Loss Nutrition groups. Each cohort program includes personalized workout plans and access to our fitness app, allowing you to communicate with your coach and teammates.


Our coaching staff is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and creating a supportive community along the way. By joining one of our small team training cohorts, you'll be working with like-minded individuals with similar goals. So if you're ready to start your fitness journey with a supportive team, we invite you to join our small team training services at GroupFit.


Only available as a subscription-based memberships.

Olympic Weightlifting

If you're looking to increase your overall strength and improve your skills in Olympic weightlifting, then our Olympic Weightlifting program at GroupFit is perfect for you., 


The program includes weekly two-hour sessions, along with a 4-day a week training program. Our experienced coaches will guide you through each session, helping you to improve your technique and increase your strength. In addition, you'll have access to our online coaching, which includes video analysis and 24-hour support– meaning you’ll have help from our coaches whenever you need it, even when you're training outside of our gym.


As part of our Olympic Weightlifting program, you'll also become a member of our GroupFit Performance community and get a VIP experience at exclusive events like our annual boat party. Plus, the full program will be delivered on our brand new GroupFit app, which will allow you to track your progress and stay connected with your coach and fellow weightlifters.


With weekly progressions and the support of our community, our Olympic Weightlifting program is designed to help you achieve your goals and become a better weightlifter. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced weightlifter, we're confident that you'll love our program and the results it will deliver.

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Coached by Mohsen Aghdam

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